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When driving, there is nothing more important than your vehicle being able to stop. So it is undeniable that your brakes are the most important part of being able to drive your vehicle.

Nobody would want to go through a wall and have an accident as a result of the vehicle not being able to stop. So it makes a lot more sense to be able to just touch the brakes lightly and the vehicle does exactly what it’s asked to do. At the end of the day, it’s the equipment, not the driver.

It is imperative to change your brake pads. The reason for this is because you need to get the optimum performance of your braking system by maintaining optimum friction pad depth. If your brake pads need replacing you will find that ninety percent of the changes will be to your front pads.

You can check the pad wear for yourself but when it comes to changing them, if you don’t know what you are doing its best left to a professional who does.

To check the brake pad wear you will need to view the pads from outside the front tire. With most vehicles now days it will be quite visible, and all you need to do is look through the outside of the wheel rims. That way it makes the pads very visible, unless of course they are worn. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the wheel to be able to see the pads. If you are able to do all this, you will notice that the outside pad should be looking right at you and if you look at it from above, you will see that the pad will be pressed against the shiny metal rotor.

It’s important to note that there are two main ways to determine whether or not the pads will need replacing:


If you see that the depth of the pad is less than 0.6cm. You need to replace it, and soon! If you see that it’s less than 0.3cm, there isn’t any time to waste as you are getting really close on damaging the rotor. You will then need to do it ASAP! It is, however, not the same on every vehicle, but is very helpful.


If you hear a screeching sound when you apply your foot to the brakes, not good. You’re overdue for a reline. But, if it resembles scraping metal, then you have almost definitely damaged your rotors and you need to fix the brakes immediately otherwise you could cause major damage.

Changing your brake pads too soon is far better than changing them too late. That way you will escape more expensive repairs as well as unsafe driving. Brake pads must be replaced when the pad’s friction material thickness has worn down to 2mm or when the pads display uneven wear.

Sun Auto distributors, suppliers of brake discs, brake pads, clutches, concentric slave cylinders and dual mass flywheels. Sun Auto was established in 1992, and since then we have prided ourselves in supplying superior brand name clutches, brake discs and brake pads to the trade and the public at the most competitive prices. In addition, we also believe in supplying expert advice and service and are prepared to assist our customers wherever we can, including all product backup. Our brand name products have been engineered and tested to meet strict OEM manufacturing standards which many competitors cannot claim.

brake discs and pads

Brake pads must be replaced when the pad friction material thickness has worn down to 2mm or when the pad exhibits uneven wear.

ebc brake pads

With the advanced engineering that has gone into the Ultimax2, you get a compound that has a great life span, that produces minimal brake dust and the perfect choice for the daily driver.

lmb brake pads

Brake Pads are the single most important component in the braking system. Without a good set of brake pads, your vehicle might not stop in the required space or time, leading to an accident.

Clutch kits

Sun Auto offers a clutch kit for most makes and models of cars. We are a leading supplier of brand name clutch kits with low prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service.

lmb clutch kits

A clutch is a complex and essential part of your car, allowing you to smoothly change gear and increase the power provided by the engine when you pull away.

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